My 2014 Retrospective

I wrote my retro for 2013 really, really late so I’m now forcing myself to write a retrospective for 2014 before I forget :D


Had a blast from Freelancer Hackathon VI
Team PySomething at WebGeek Devcup (photo creds to WebGeek PH)

We won second place for KabantayNgBayan hackathon. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my 2014. Had a lot of fun hacking with my awesome team mates, Ray Diño and Matt Lebrun. It’s our first time to have a picture taken holding a big-ass prize cheque.

Team SillyWalk at KabantayNgBayan Hackathon (photo creds to Open Data PH)


Sadly, I had to lie-low a bit from some of my passions and duties around the first half of this year since I noticed myself getting burned out. Luckily though, I got back on my feet with the help of Matt and some new found friends. Shoutout to the following people:


Had my hair chopped into a pixie. Probably not the nicest thing I could do with my hair but it just felt very liberating to not have to wait for it to dry or put too much effort in styling/combing it every single day hehe.

Making a Difference

Haven’t done any huge “giving back” stuff this year aside from being part of the organizing team for PyConPH 2014. I resigned from my treasurer role in Python.PH shortly after PyCon since I really needed to rest and recover from burnout. I still tried to help out in some minor tasks though.

With some PyConPH Volunteers and Speakers

Random Stuff

So that’s it. For me, 2014 is a year of hackathons, burnout, idealism taking a backseat, travel opportunity, new adventures and hobbies, nailing my first sideline gig and finding new friends. Wasn’t easy but it was definitely a blast and made me a few steps closer to my dreams! :)

Welcome 2015! :)


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