The Weirdest Thing That Ever Happened To Me

(just something I wrote circa 2012)

Last year’s departmental activity prompted me to write this piece. During an ice breaker activity, I was asked to complete this sentence: “The weirdest thing that ever happened to me was _________”.
Being a private person, I didn’t tell them my real answer :P

This is the real story:
There was a time I challenged God to prove me wrong. Challenge in a way that unless he gives it, I wouldn’t be in any way interested in “non-platonic” relationships.

Being a feminist, I just couldn’t accept the fact that a lot of people from the opposite specie looked like spineless bastards. Add to the complication, I also couldn’t accept the fact that society doesn’t quite treat men and women equally.

Talk about being hard headed. I was really difficult to deal with because I had a lot of “non-negotiables” .

But here are some of the reasons why I held on to my “non-negotiables”:

  1. In our Theo: Marriage and Family Life class we were taught some valuable insights such as: a.) “Genuine love implies commitment and the exercise of wisdom”, b.) “True love does not come easy and has to be worked on in order for it to be successful.” c.) etc.
    I simply took it as: assholes and cowards are incapable of true love.

  2. I love reality. I probably don’t have the ability to trick myself into thinking that fairy tales and fantasy worlds do exist. In short: I probably lack imagination (sigh) but being an idealist, I always had this desire to change/ improve the reality I have. I always believed that things could get better.

  3. I believe I grew up with a cool dad who almost always makes sense. I just couldn’t accept a standard if it had to be less than what I already have. To me, that’s like downgrading your computer’s software to an old, buggy version.

Of course, I also knew that these were merely based on my observations back then. It’s unfair for others to consider them final.

The surprising thing was: no matter how terribly stubborn I am and no matter how high or extreme my request was, God gave me exactly what I asked for —I met Matt.

Having a BF-slash-part time best friend-slash-geek stuff buddy-slash-accountability partner is the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. Weird because amidst all the world’s imperfections, God sent me a living proof/constant reminder that life is still worth my greatest efforts. It compelled me to give the world’s imperfections a “second look”. Weird because the simple act of welcoming him in my life caused me to undergo a lot of drastic changes. It made my life more challenging and it helped me push myself to go outside of my comfort zone.


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