On Women Empowerment: Finding and Developing Strength from Within


Belated Happy International Women’s Day!

My take on women empowerment is to focus on developing inner strength; work on things that cannot be taken away from you - like your personal growth - skills and character development. It goes beyond just advocating for empowerment—it’s about truly embodying and living it.

It’s all about stepping up, challenging norms, and constantly evolving.

True empowerment is when you embody it so fully, it’s just who you are, no need to declare it.

In my personal journey, I’ve had a couple of game-changing mottos guiding me that I’d like to share:

  1. “To make a stand, you’ve got to win the fight.” - This reminds me that empowerment often requires us to push ourselves beyond our limits, to work ten times harder for causes that matter deeply to us.

  2. “The system might try to swallow you whole. So, work it harder than it’s working you.” - A compelling takeaway from the movie “Project Power” that encourages me to leverage my unique strengths to navigate challenges and shift the odds in our favor, asserting that we’re more than mere victims of a rigged system but can also be agents of change.

So, as we nod to Women’s Day, I’m curious, how do you live and embody empowerment in your daily life? Let’s inspire and uplift each other with our stories.


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